Artila Introduces New 12” ARM-based IP65 Touch Panel Computer HC-3120
Slim and Efficient Solution Fit for All Integration

Artila Electronics, which specializes in the development and manufacture of Linux-ready ARM embedded industrial computers, is pleased to announce HC-3120, the innovate Linux-Ready ARM-based panel PC available on the market. Featuring a 12” robust resistive touch TFT LCD display with QT5 library, support 2D / 3D graphics accelerator and rugged ARM processor coupled with the open Linux operating system, Easily operating via LXDC desktop environment support Firefox / Chromium browser and virtual keyboard, HC-3120 can be configured to specific application requirements. In addition to multiple I/O ports, including two Gigabit Ethernet, up to three High-Speed USB ports, CAN, SDIO/SD/MMC and UART to enable flexible expansion for increased functionality. The entire system is compliant to CE certified while the front panel is IP65 rated for protection from water and dust, making HC-3120 the ideal system for industrial applications in a wide range of environments.


With its all-encompassing IP65 certified design the HC-3120 is a 12” multi touch stationary panel PCs with ARM Cortex-A8 32-Bit RISC Processor. The incredible flexibility, serviceability, and modularity of Artila HC-3120 offer numerous performance and cost-saving advantages, including complete control and monitoring, rapid integration and deployment, reduced system downtime and maintenance costs. Moreover, with features such as wide temperature support, an IP65-rated true-flat front panel with SGX530 3D Graphics Engine. In addition to multiple I/O ports, HC-3120 provides comprehensive peripheral set for connectivity and user interface applications, including two Gigabit Ethernet, up to three High-Speed USB ports, CAN, SDIO/SD/MMC and UART.

Artila’s Touch Panel Computer is available for order now. For more information regarding HC-3120 or other Artila products, please visit, or email to