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Embedded Communication & Computing
A Reliable Communication Platform for machine with harsh environment

The IoT market is now experiencing explosive growth, and the challenge for developers is to build a simple, powerful infrastructure with limited resources. As a result, they want a solution to meet the requirements of the lowest cost of ownership, ease of design, fast marketing, interoperability and nationwide deployment. The Matrix-710  is scalable, reliable, mobile and capable of working in harsh environments and is ideally suited for a wide range of low data rate wireless monitoring and control design. IoT and M2M applications include: Smart City (streetlight and traffic sensors), energy management (electrical / water / gas stations), and industrial / commercial / home automation (HVAC control, security systems and lighting equipment), etc.

Supports Node-Red User Interface
Atmel ATSAMA5D35 Cortex-A5

Reduce Power Consumption

Supports MiniPCIe Slot
Supports Wi-Fi Connectivity
Linux-ready Cortex-A5 Industrial Box Computer Supports Node-Red User Interface
Linux kernel 4.4.x with file system
2 x USB host ports
Product Page Data Sheet
Linux-ready ARM ATMEL 9G45 Industrial Box Computer 
Linux 2.6.38 computing platform with file system
microSD socket: 1 x inside, up to 32GB max
Product Page Data Sheet

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